Friday, March 30, 2007

TMNT review

If you've seen the previous TMNT movies, you'll know that they'll never be up for an Academy Award. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was the precursor to the Power Rangers in the '80s, and kids that grew up watching TMNT are now adults that want to see their lean-green fighting machines back in action. I watched the cartoons growing up and I saw all three live-action movies numerous times. Not so much the third one, that one was particularly bad, but even with Vanilla Ice and grown men in rubber suits, there is something special about the ninja turtles.

With that said, the new TMNT movie is completely animated with a new cast of voices which may not be exactly what you had expected. The same goes with the storyline. A 3000 year old curse that involves immortality and 13 monsters sounds like something that was randomly picked at the last minute. Besides the fact that we're talking about walking talking turtles, the time traveling, portal opening storylines never do so well. Regardless, the animation is fantastic and the overlying theme is about that brotherly bond which of course raised the cheesyness factor by at least 10 points.

I know I wasn't expecting a masterpiece, and as long as I saw my turtles in action again, I would be fine with that. It's all nostalgia for me, considering I've been buying the original cartoon series on DVD. Definitely a movie worth watching if you're a huge turtle fan. Otherwise, if you're expecting an awesome animated film with a deep and involved story with great dialogue, then you can skip this one.

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