Saturday, March 3, 2007

It's spring! No wait...

Whether it's global warming or Mother Nature's odd sense of humour to provide us with bizarre weather patterns, today, it feels like spring.

I love spring in California. Growing up in Ontario Canada, Spring meant that the snow was melting away to produce large mounts of dog poo that had been hibernating over the winter. Yum. Nothing like the smell of rotting leaves either.

But it's not really spring right now, but it sure feels like. It's warm, in the 20Cs, 70Fs, and the sky is blue. I notice that the sky is only this blue after it rains so I ran out the other day to take pictures with my dog Bailey.

Of course, I'm sitting indoors typing this thing up when I really should be soaking up the sun. But unfortunately I have homework which I really need to finish, since I have people coming over tonight and I have a guest staying the weekend.

Spring will come soon, even though it's still technically winter. But it's days like these, that make me so happy that I am not buried under a pile of snow. I never really did understand why my parents wanted to live all the way out there...

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