Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I knew taking 24 units would be a bad idea... but hopefully it'll all pay off in the end. It's been hard to keep posting in my blog since I am constantly scrambling for new story ideas and then hunting down some sources. This is the life of the reporter I suppose, and I better get used to it.

I don't know if it's the workload or just the fact that I'm kind of tired after a long school year, but it's been hard keeping up with the reading and motivating myself to do things earlier. Granted, some stories can't be done ahead of time, but I find myself with the urge to nap a lot.

I hope that in the next few weeks there will be some positive changes, but until then it's just one day at a time.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I had a talk with one of my professors today who will support me in doing an independent study in the fall about video games. I haven't exactly narrowed down the topic yet, but there are a wide range of questions that I wouldn't mind researching. I'm interested in the online aspect of games, why people get so involved (I already know off hand, but it would be interesting to do more research). I'm also curious about casual games, how that market is growing, and also interested in women and gaming. There are just so many aspects to the industry that I find fascinating, except what should I focus on?

The whole point for me to go back to school was to become a better writer. I'm gaining a lot of experience as a writer, editor, reporter, but I still want to write about games. I think I found that I like columns the most. Writing reviews is fun too, but I think to be able to comment on the industry on a regular basis would be a cool gig.

I don't need to think about getting a job yet, but it worries me that once I'm done with school, I'm not sure where I'll end up. This quarter is going to be hectic, but in a good way. I need to get used to last minute deadlines and things that pop up for no apparent reason. It's good training I guess, even though I don't need to add more stress to my life.

It's only the second week of school, and I either caught a mild cold or I have allergies or something. I feel sick enough to be annoyed, but not enough to be bed ridden. I just wish I had time for another vacation :)

Sunday, April 8, 2007

300 was excellent!

I haven't seen a movie in a long time where I really thought the director knew exactly what he was doing. As gory as this movie is supposed to be, it was tastefully done and with a lot of style. The fighting is simply beautiful, even if there is blood flying at your face. The way the important colours stand out, like the Spartan capes, makes this movie a visual treat.

Spartan women are well portrayed, particularly the queen who delivers some great lines. She played Kitty from the Jungle Book, which I've seen numerous times. It's nice to see her in this role. The men are trained to kill from birth. As barbaric and testosterone filled as it seemed, it filled you with a sense of power, in a moving way like Braveheart. I can imagine for the guys they'd probably want to hit the gym and work on their six pack. I've never seen so many abs in my life.

It's hard to see that the guy who plays the King is Gerard Butler who plays the Phantom in Phantom of the Opera. Overall a fanastic movie, and worth seeing at the IMAX.

Friday, April 6, 2007

I'm all over the front page


And in the back :p I'm a little embarassed by it because people/teachers keep pointing it out in front of others. I'm such an overachiever.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Spring 2007

So I knew that I wouldn't get much accomplished over Spring Break. I did get a lot of writing in, but I didn't manage to do much reading or cleaning. Now that the new quarter has started, and I suddenly got the Metro Editor job, I will probably be too busy to get things done.

However, I did take Okami out of the shrink wrap today.

I spent several hours playing Secrets of the Ark so I could get that review up, I looked at my DS and wonder if I'll ever get a chance play.

I wouldn't say I'm excited, but I am liking my classes so far. I am hoping to learn a lot in editing, and magazine publishing is certainly interesting, although I'm not sure if I'm a fan of the group activities and field trip/presentation format.

I normally send in my news article for the Pioneer by Monday at noon, of course my first week, I get the breaking news in tonight while I'm out, so I had to rush and get a new story in asap. I suppose they are paying me, and I should be a good sport about it. That's life when it comes to deadlines right?

I'm waiting for my voice recorder to get here, I have to do an interview on Thursday but I don't think I'll get it by then.

I also have this problem with sleeping at night. I don't know why I am so zonked in the afternoons but I am wide awake when the sun goes down. Vampire maybe?