Wednesday, March 7, 2007

GDC for one day

I am SO tired. I don't know how people manage to do this all day every week. Conferences start at 9, if you can make it to 6pm, there are so many parties to attend to afterwards. Gaming conferences are great, I can imagine that they're very different from security and email archiving conferences. How many booths at those types of conventions give out free beer and appetizers?

I met up with Epic Games who demo'd their new game Monster Madness that will hit stores in April. Using the Unreal Engine 3, they're showing everyone how they don't need to make a FPS game for it to be successful. Monster Madness looks pretty cool so far, smooth graphics, very detailed, and four player co-op. It's set up like Gauntlet and it has that teen horror comic style and the gameplay seems like a total button masher.

The only other booth I had time to really check out was GoPets. They are like virtual pets on the DS or your PC. They're very cute and I can see it being a hit among those who like Nintendogs or the Sims. It's not very fancy, it seems like something you'd run in another window and flip to check on if you're bored at work. Not that I'd do that of course.

My fellow staff writer and I went to this Great Aussie BBQ to hang out for a little bit. We met a couple of guys promoting the Tokyo Game Show and they'll be heading to Video Games Live this Friday as well. I'm looking forward to the concert, especially since Koji Kondo will be there. I'm going to stick around this time for the meet & greet and be a big fanboy-er girl and get their autographs.

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