Saturday, June 9, 2007


Yesterday just happened to be the last day of school as well as my friend Rob's birthday. I had to do a final presentation in my mag class, which went relatively well despite what we had. I had an oral presentation in my Chinese class later and then I stayed around to help set up the banquet for our Communications department. I normally don't go to these things, mostly because I don't pay much attention to what goes on in the department.

I wasn't planning on going until a few days ago the chair sent out an email to a handful of people saying that we should be there because he might have some good news. I saw that a majority of the Pioneer staff was on it, so I thought hmm, maybe we're supposed to show up because they'll brag about the Pioneer.

After my professor got up there, I'm not even sure I remembered what he said, something about reporting everything except sports but she might have done it too if we told her to. I joined as a report in Spring quarter but they felt I did a good enough job to give me Report of the Year. :D I was super delighted because I haven't received an award in a really long time... well, I did get a PeopleSoft Overachiever (Outstanding Contributor) Award which made me feel uber special. My editor in chief, previous editor, the photo guy and a couple of other people all received awards too. The staff isn't very big, but I guess they like to honour the people who put time into the school newspaper each week.

So afterwards I had to rush home and get to Rob's birthday dinner. We went to a shabu shabu place in the city and he was totally wasted within like an hour. Two hours later, we're making sure he doesn't fall into the toilet head first, but everything he did ate, did come right back up again :p Way to go Rob, happy 26th.

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