Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Back in Ottawa

Things keep changing when I come home. I suppose after 7 years it's to be expected. It's hard to believe that I've been away for so long, and I feel like I've already drifted away from the person I used to be. I like my life now, but a part of me wants to keep some of the good things the same.

I'm back for my best friend's wedding and even though this is a big step in a person's life, it doesn't feel like anything's going to change really. I bet when they start having kids it'll be different.

I kind of miss my dogs. Even the little guy. I was away in Miami for a few days before coming to Ottawa so it feels like I've been away from home for awhile. I am eager to get started with school again, and finish my degree. Part of me is worried about a job, I'm pretty confident that I could find one, but will I find something that will keep me satisfied? I feel like I'm very spoiled. I'm a little embarassed by it. The fact that I have nice things, a lovely family, and the ability to do what I want to do. I try not to take things for granted, even though sometimes I feel like I already have.

Meeting up with old friends has been fun. There's something about childhood friends which makes them different than the new friends you make. There's this bond because you had to suffer through classes together. It wouldn't matter where you were, or what you've done, but you can always meet with an old friend and catch up, whether it be the last 5 or 20 years. You can be candid, honest and open, even though technically you could be strangers to each other. It's just easier to open up to someone who was a part of your childhood than someone you meet later in life, unless you connect on some level.

I don't know why I suddenly feel so nostalgic, maybe because I feel like I'm getting older and people around me are growing up. It's the wave of weddings and babies. I'm sure it's much worse for my grandparents who have been going to a lot of funerals lately.

But anyhow, it'll be back to the daily grind soon enough. This vacation time has been nice because it's given me a chance to read books. I should be reading anyways, but it feels like I'm always so distracted in my own house. Too much stuff I guess.

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